Fourth Letter from the Pastor

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Dear Members and Friends,

When we find something that we are passionate about, obstacles tend to fall away. When obstacles of icky weather, effective gestures and inspiring ideas lead us on the path where obstacles fall away, do we feel accepted by the universe? Do we accept who we are and the grace at which our talents seem to multiply for a specific purpose? Traditionally, February is a month when we search for shadows and anticipate the coming of spring. We wait for a day when flowers, sweets, jewelry, handmade cards, and thoughtful gestures depict the love we feel for each other. This second month of the year may no longer seem new but the ideas that we have for improving our lives can take on a new shape. Our ideas can be invigorating! To love and be loved can be enlivening! We are conditioned to look for the sweet gestures as the red paper hearts framed by the white doilies adorning windows. Sweet too are the words that we can ingest. We can be healthy, sweet from the inside out in the way we return the love we feel.

According to our book of choice, “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.” (Proverbs 16:24) Pleasant words are gifts that are usually not given. Unfortunately, people are used to being criticized for the clothes they wear, the cut of their hair, grades on tests or tasks yet undone. There is always something that is deemed better in someone else’s backyard but what about today? What about this month? Can you find something kind to say? Can you give the gift of pleasant words and see that they are accepted with the spirit they are given? What we want can be expensive and complicated and what we need can be the sweet words like luxurious honey in our tea. The taste of the honey-sweetened tea in our mouths can continue to warm and enrich our whole bodies. When we are enriched and grace-filled with positive, uplifting words, do we have to second guess, “How sweet are God’s words to our taste, sweeter than honey to our mouths?” “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (Psalm 119: 103)

Accept the sweet tastes and gestures of this month. Wear the jewelry or the scarves received. Be honored by the grades received and feel rewarded by the study time invested. Ingest the grace-filled words given. Sweet words are our luxurious honey. Graced words are the chocolate that allows us to see that today is just as important as tomorrow. Live fully with the understanding that as we realize our passion we can taste its sweetness. The obstacles do fall away. Our talents blossom like spring coming quickly to our hearts filling with love. Love in its many forms can be part of who we are becoming! Accept the goodness given to you; you do deserve to love and be loved. Love be with you!

May the love of Christ be realized in you,

Rev. Michelle Wiltshire-Clement