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Dear Church Family,

In this time of novel happenings, we’ll be  experiencing yet another this week: online communion.  We ordinarily celebrate communion on the first Sunday in the month, and our Deacons have affirmed the importance of trying to maintain that practice, even in this time of sheltering in place.

I’d encourage you to set up a communion table at the kitchen table or in your living room  in advance of participating in the online worship.  Have bread and a cup of juice or wine ready.  We’ll sing a communion hymn, pray the Eucharistic prayer, and hear the words of institution.  Following my instructions we’ll take the bread individually and the cup together, according to our custom.  I participated in an online communion service on Maundy Thursday and found it very meaningful.  I hope you will find this true for you as well, as we are fed by Jesus and drawn into fellowship with him and one another.

Given the new emphasis on wearing masks in public places, we are wearing masks as we record worship (except for me when I’m preaching, when I’m at least 10 feet from anyone).  Although we have been keeping social distance, we have decided to err on the side of caution.

We are delighted to welcome Liz Allyn to lead us musically in worship. Because of the suddenness of Jack’s leaving us, and the reality of the pandemic, many of us didn’t feel we had an adequate opportunity to thank him for his service to us.  If you would like to send him a note, you could e-mail him at [email protected].

This Sunday we’ll be taking another look at Jesus as good shepherd. The sermon is “Voice Recognition” and the texts are Ezekiel 34:11-16 and John 10:1-5, 14-16, 22-30.  The link to the service is  The worship service is appended.

The bell is ringing again!  I’ve appended a picture of Frank Hadsell ringing for the first time this week.

Stay safe and God be with you till we meet again.

Peace and Joy,


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