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Dear Church Family,

Recently Kay Blass mentioned she overheard Terry whistling a hymn we had sung a few weeks before in church, “I was There to Hear Your Borning Cry.”  It sent her to YOUTUBE to listen again to this beautiful narrative of God’s present help through the various stages of life –from birth through death.  I can hardly ever sing this song without getting a bit emotional.

Singing (or whistling) hymns can be an  important element of a devotional  life.  At some point in nearly every day I use “Praise Ye, the Lord, the Almighty” (#25 in hymnal) that way.  It is usually when I am in the car—or perhaps taking a walk– where no one can hear me blast it out.  Singing this hymn  reminds me that what should set the tone for living each day is a  “glad adoration” of the Lord who “rules all creation” and “who with great love befriends” me.  I’d invite you to give this practice a try.  Pick a hymn and find a time each day to let your voice sing it out!

We’ll be beginning worship this Sunday with another favorite,  “All Things Bright and Beautiful,”  an English hymn which offers eloquent praise to the God who is revealed in nature.  And we’ll conclude the service with a great hymn of thanksgiving, “Let All Things Now Living.” The sermon is “The Thankful One” and the texts are 2 Kings 5:1-15 and Luke 17:11-19.

See you in church.

Peace and Joy,


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