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Dear Church Family,

Like many of us I have been deeply disturbed by the events of these past weeks.  To see the Capitol overrun by those apparently intent on disrupting the certification of the electoral college vote was unsettling.  To watch our politicians grappling with how to respond to the turbulence but not sure how to do it without further dividing us raises my anxiety.  To observe many retreating into information bubbles which confirm only our perspective elevates my sense of danger of living in a world where truths are not acknowledged.  Like many of us, I am uncertain what is the way ahead to a world where we can disagree, but not dismiss or demonize.    The gospel calls for us to act in ways different than what we so often see.

I discovered a prayer this week which reflected some of my thoughts and pass it on for your devotion:

Dear God, we pray for clear and obvious signs of your presence among us today. O Lord, as the events of the world cause my strength to waiver, remind me that you are my strength. O Lord as the daily worries of life raise my anxieties, remind me that in you I find my peace. O Lord when voices try to convince me otherwise, may you remind me that I am your child, fearfully and wonderfully made. Gracious God bring clarity and light to me on this day. Remind me that in you I may seek refuge. Remind me again that I am yours! Amen.

We step back from politics when we come to worship on Sunday.  Following Jesus’ baptism, we’ll be looking at his first public action, according to John, the miracle at Cana.  The texts are Ecclesiastes 4:7-11 and John 2: 1-11.  The sermon is Jesus’ cryptic question, “What Concern is that to me?”   The link for those watching online is

Thanks for your persistence and patience is maintaining the protocols.  I look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday.

Yours in Christ,















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