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Dear Members and Friends,

In the nutrient rich soil, a seed that is watered and shined upon by the sun sprouts and blooms. The seed is full of potential. We are the seeds created by God, watered by the Holy Spirit and shined upon by our Redeeming Savior. By this grace, we are all full of potential. Spring is officially here and so am I. Through the recent installation ceremony celebration on March 18th, I have been officially “planted” as the next settled pastor of Falls Village Congregational Church.

Together, with the Spirit embracing the goodness of this spring season of rebirth, our community blossomed as we welcomed in our neighboring congregations, clergy and members of the Litchfield North Association. We as a congregation extended invitations to all by word-of-mouth, cards, email, Face book, and our new website. (Yes! Our website  HYPERLINK “http://www.TheFV.cc” www.TheFV.cc is up and running!) Planning a ceremony and the excitement during the time of the event joyously overflowed into the installation ceremony and extravagant welcome we extended to all.

Creating the space and extending a warm welcome is part of our nature as a congregation. Leading up to Spring, with its greening of the Earth, we partnered in the Interdenominational Lenten Series. Due to an illness in my family, I regret that I was unable to personally attend the series, as I had intended but am glad that we as a congregation could and did. Thank you to all who participated with bringing in items of food, positive attitude and friends and family to the Installation, the Interdenominational Lenten Series, Men’s Communion Breakfast and Interdenominational Good Friday Service. Let us continue to reach out and within as we continue our journey together in Christ’s Service.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Michelle Wiltshire-Clement