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Dear Church Family,

Ann Weems in her meditation on the church year reminds us that

              The Church is Good Friday: blackness burnt into blackness,

                Abysmal absence of anything good. We acknowledge that death is real

                And we tremble for a world that would kill its God…

                All we see is Christ crucified

But she goes on to remind us that Sunday is coming.

              The Church is Easter.  Out of death, life.

                Out of blackness: a lush green world, flowers in the ice, sunrays in the storm…

                Our souls enter a spiritual springtime…our very beings saturated in hosannas.

                The Lord lives! We live! Resurrection resounds throughout our community. 


 I look forward to traveling this Holy Week Journey with you.


Maundy Thursday – 6 p.m. Miner Hall.  A light meal marking Jesus last supper, followed by               communion and the deeply moving Tenebrae service, traveling the road of Jesus’    abandonment.


Good Friday – FVCC sanctuary will be open for meditation. Copies of the Passion according to               Luke 22:14-23:56 will be available for your devotion.

              7 p.m. Ecumenical service at Trinity Church, Lime Rock, marking the last words of Jesus. Rich’s meditation  will be “Father, forgive.” Special music from members of Crescendo.


Easter – 6 a.m. Walk to the cross on the hill for a brief sunrise service. Meditation is “Breakfast        with Jesus” based on John 21:1-19.

                7 a.m. Breakfast for all in Miner Hall.  A FVCC tradition

               10 a.m. Easter Worship.  Sermon is “Idle Tales and Gospel Truth” based on Luke 24:1-12


A blessed Holy Week to you all.  See you in church.

Peace and Joy,


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