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Dear Church Family,

Last Sunday, as representatives of our congregation, Carole McGuire, Harry Van Wagner, and I attended the Ecclesiastical Council of the Litchfield North Association of the United Christ, held at the North Canaan Congregational Church.  The purpose was to act on the recommendation that Anne Frieze, of the host congregation, be ordained to the Ministry of the Word.  Anne presented a paper for about 40 minutes and then for an additional 40 minutes was asked questions about her spiritual journey, her theological beliefs, and her future plans.  She did a magnificent job and was quite moving as she described how God had been leading her for many years to come to this point of becoming a hospital and hospice chaplain.  Anne’s examination was sustained and she will be ordained at a later date.

What struck me was the reality that her calling to ministry was indeed a journey, which had taken her more than twenty five years from its initial genesis.    She said that at the beginning she in no way could have envisioned where the journey has taken her.  Don’t you find that true?  It is sometimes said if you want to make God smile, tell God your plans. Life has twists and turns we cannot anticipate, but it is the perspective of faith, that God weaves his purpose throughout the journey of our lives. Only in hindsight can we grasp how God has been leading us in strange and miraculous ways.

Sometimes where God is leading is hard to see, of course.  This Sunday we’ll be looking at a familiar Old Testament character for whom that was surely true, Job.  Experiencing deep suffering, Job sought desperately to understand God’s purpose and presence throughout.  The sermon is “When Trouble Comes” and the scriptures are Job 3: 1-10, 20-26 and Romans 8:18-28, 31.

See you in church.

Peace and Joy,


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